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What is civil litigation?  What are the different types of civil litigation cases?  How does the civil litigation process work?  These are typically questions that attorneys are asked on a regular basis.  Unless you went to law school, most Americans are not familiar with civil litigation.  Americans would not need to concern themselves with the civil litigation process unless there arose a dispute that needed to be resolved in civil court.  When this happens, Americans want to know the answers to the three questions mentioned above.  Let us review each question here.

What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two parties that are seeking monetary compensation as form of justice.  Civil law cases handle all cases that are non-criminal.  In criminal cases if the defendant is found guilty, the defendant will face jail time.  In civil cases, if the defendant is found guilty the defendant will pay money to plaintiff. 


One of the most common questions I get is, “how much does it cost for you to defend my foreclosure?

There are 3 prevailing fee models in foreclosure defense:

1. Fixed fee, such as $1,500.00 for the entire case, no matter how long it lasts.

2. Fixed monthly fee, such as $500.00 per month until the case is over.

3. Hourly rate with a retainer; you pay when the attorney works on your case.

All 3 models have upsides and downsides. Models #1 and #2 give the client cost certainty. It is impossible to determine total costs under Model #3, but give a range of costs is possible. What follows is a general discussion of the ups and downs of the models. I’m giving you my opinions on these models. I know there are outliers in each category, but these are my impressions and I stand by them.