Attorney Dan Pierron has received the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)’s Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) designation.

The CIPP/US is given only after an individual has demonstrated their knowledge of both broad global and specific regional or sectoral concepts of privacy and data protection law and practice.

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Employment Law Compliance

When an employee sues an employer under various laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended (Title VII), the Americans with Disabilities Act (the ADA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), or the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), one of the first key issues that arises in determining whether the employee can maintain a viable claim against the employer is whether the employer has the requisite number of employees to be defined as an “employer” under the particular law. It is therefore critical for the employer to know at all times precisely how many employees are in its workforce, in considering and undertaking potentially costly and precedent-setting personnel decisions.

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Employment Law Book

Government contracts, unlike commercial transactions, are highly regulated. Unlike most commercial transactions, government contracts are highly regulated and have serious consequences for contractors who do not comply with the complex and changing rules of doing business with the government. It is therefore imperative that government contractors and other employers who do business with the federal government keep themselves informed as to the current laws, rules and regulations relating to the employment of federal employees.

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Boss Talking

Every company fears, and eventually, faces the loss of one or more of its key or most critical employees. The reasons, of course, should be obvious.

These are the people upon whom your company relies most often in its day to day operations, decision making, business development and crisis management. They are typically the employees we often refer to as the “brains” of the company, and also, not coincidentally, they are the employees who are privy to the core confidential information which drives your business’ success.

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Working Families Flexibility Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act is the federal law which requires private-sector employers to pay time-and-a-half to hourly employees who work overtime.

On Tuesday, May 2, 2017, the United States House of Representatives passed a bill that would give employees who work long hours more time off, but at the expense of their present unwaivable right to time and a half for hours worked in excess of forty in a given work week.

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AppealMaybe you are embroiled in litigation or the issues are complex or the stakes are high. Perhaps you have already considered the potential for appeal, and the final judgment may have already been entered in your case.

That is, a winner and a loser have already been declared and the reality of an appeal is inescapable. You may be asking – Do I need an appellate lawyer?

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